Inheritors' Circle Application | Year 1
Peace and Welcome to the Inheritors' Circle application. Please allow a minimum of fifteen minutes to complete this application, as there are multiple short answer questions that require adequate thought and consideration.
What is your name? *

Gender *

Best phone number to reach you *

Parent/guardian name(s) *

Parent/guardian phone number *

How old are you? *

What grade are you in? *

Anticipated graduation year *

If we asked your best friend to describe you using THREE ADJECTIVES, which would they choose and why?

Short Answer *

In 200 words or less:
Who do you admire as a leader and why?
Short Answer *

In 200 words or less:
Indicate your reasons for seeking training with Ta'leef Inheritors' Circle and what you intend to do upon completion of the program.
Please include any relevant training and/or life experiences.
Please provide two references who are not related to you (i.e. a community member, teacher). For each, you must include the full name of reference, your relation to them as well as their email and phone number. *

References must be able to vouch for you. They will be asked how you, the applicant, exhibits concern for others, responsibility, maturity and interaction with peers, amongst other things.
Section 3:   Program Cost  (Parents required for this portion)

The cost per year is $1950. This includes both the 36-week Inheritors' Circle programming, access to Bay Area scholars, as well as our 3rd Annual Inheritors' Retreat, which will take place  in July 2017. Payment options as well as zakat available on a first come, first serve basis. See below for details.
Are you Zakat eligible? *

Please check with your parents prior to answering this question.
You're almost done! The last thing we're going to ask is if you have any questions or if there's anything else you'd like to include in your application to show us why you would be best suited to join the Inheritors' Circle.

Comments, questions, concerns?

Thank you for submitting your Inheritors' Circle application! You will hear from us by email within the next week, iA. If selected, you will be invited to come in for a group interview. For further information, you may contact


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